Bookmarking Community Organizations

Discover community organizations (CO) within main page posts using categories linked by images. CO images within bookmarkus link to CO Facebook pages and media images link to affiliate fundraising support (see Affiliate Fundraising).  

Bookmark support: Bookmark media images link to affiliate fundraising links for purchasing books to support your favorite community organizations. All affiliate fundraising links are unique per each community organization. Purchase featured books and books of your own choosing for your personal reading and listening pleasure, gifting books and businesses/organizations can opt to display books on tables and waiting areas. (see Affiliate Fundraising guide in each community organization bookmarkus category).

Honor community organizations by gifting books or when donating books or selling books and using a book jacket sticker. To further support community organizations, bookmark your favorite community organization(s) by sharing your support of your favorite CO(s) with your Facebook friends. (see Facebook guide in each community organization category).  

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