Affiliate Fundraising

Donating funds has and always will help fulfill essential community organization needs however, sending checks or pushing Paypal buttons are not the only ways to support non-profits. 

 An innovative and popular way to support nonprofits has been via’s AmazonSmile (affiliate marketing program for non-profits). Supporters select a nonprofit included in AmazonSmile’s network, make their purchases and AmazonSmile provides commissions to the supporter’s selected nonprofit. Affiliate marketing uses a web tracking system (see Affiliate Fundraising guide posted in each community organization category). 

AmazonSmile has been a valuable program for many non-profits, but there is a major problem concerning digital (book) downloads. AmazonSmile doesn’t pay revenue commissions to nonprofits for digital downloads. That’s a significant fundraising problem because the use of digital books is vast and continues to grow. In fact, audio books have been a leader in media production and sales for several years. 

GoFundMe is an innovative donation program and popular because GoFundMe programs provide donors social media opportunities. GoFundMe is a great step forward for including social media with donations. 

Affiliate marketing is much to innovative and valuable to not include social media opportunities for community organization supporters similar to GoFundMe. coined a term, Affiliate Fundraising that works just like AmazonSmile/affiliate marketing. offers Rakuten Kobo who does provide revenue commissions for digital book downloads. Rakuten Kobo is a global leader for digital books and devices. encourages social media bookmarking and supports local initiatives with booksmarks, stickers and special message/Thank You cards. uses online print book pioneer and leader Alibris for print books. Alibris has a large selection of new & used print book titles and other media. 

Note: Book purchases using community organization affiliate fundraising links are shared with community organizations by going to their BookmarkUs linked within community organization category posts. Links on this page and BookmarkUs book collections are linked to support 

Other Affiliate Fundraising merchants. Please support by using the links associated with each merchant. has a great selection of Audio books. The network has been a global leader for several years by offering savings for shopping at many leading merchants. Best Buy for devices, eReaders and many other electronics. Please consider choosing Digital Book Clubs as a charity (the parent name of when you sell stuff or for many types of purchases. Digital Book Clubs is an AmazonSmile participant.   

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